Ten Easy Ways to Engage Your Students

And Hold Them Accountable Daily

Twenty years of research shows that more engaging approaches help students learn twice as much. And time on task is one of the three biggest determinants of learning. Engaging your students is a way to increase time on task by holding students accountable daily, often in ways you don't have to grade.


Come hear a brief overview of the research and ten easy ways to put it to practice in your courses. The workshop models each of these practices and demonstrates that teaching and learning this way is fun!


  1. Ask before you tell.
  2. Use gentle cold calling.
  3. Assign one–minute papers.
  4. Use Write–Pair–Share.
  5. Work with clickers or colored cards.
  6. Ask me three questions.
  7. Let your readings (and/or your short podcasts) share the lectern.
  8. Quiz daily—without grading all the quizzes.
  9. Administer team tests after individual tests.
  10. Apply some of these principles to your online classes.


Workshop Format

This workshop is two hours long.

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