Seven Easy Ways to Engage Your Students

And Hold Them Accountable Daily

How can you ensure that students read texts and listen to recorded lectures outside of class? By holding them accountable daily in class-without extra grading!


By requiring students to master the simpler points outside of class, you will have more time in class to help them master the difficult points that require critical thinking (analyze, synthesize, evaluate and create). These changes also help students be more engaged in class. In fact, twenty years of research shows that more engaging approaches help students learn twice as much.


Come hear a brief overview of the research and seven easy ways to put it to practice in your courses:


  1. Ask before you tell.
  2. Use gentle cold calling.
  3. Assign one–minute papers.
  4. Use Write–Pair–Share.
  5. Work with clickers or colored cards.
  6. Quiz daily without grading all the quizzes.
  7. Ask me three questions.


The workshop models each of these practices and demonstrates that teaching and learning this way is fun!


Come and plan how to apply these ideas in your courses.

What Participants Say

“I intend to introduce 3 of the 7 activities into my courses this semester and plan to use all of the strategies next semester.”

“Tara knows her stuff.  She not only teaches you the theory and empirical research, she demonstrates each method.”

“Tara provides many useful tools that are easy to incorporate in many disciplines.”

“Very inspiring instructor; time flies.”

Workshop Format

This workshop is two hours long.

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