Excel at Teaching

Twelve Steps to Help Students Learn

Every teacher should take specific, concrete steps to help students learn. In this workshop, Tara Gray presents her own 12 steps based on her reading of the scholarship of teaching and learning, her 20 years of teaching experience and her 15 years of directing a teaching center. The steps include steps to help you teach your content and your students as well as steps to help you as a teacher.

Your Content

1. Answer the three questions of course design.

2. Teach to learning objectives daily.

3. Scaffold difficult writing and speaking projects.

4. Limit lectures to 15 minutes.

5. Flip the classroom: Let your readings—and podcasts—share the lectern.

Your Students

6. Hold students accountable daily.

7. Survey students for their time on task.

8. Learn to love them.


9. Take responsibility for your class.

10. After class each day, write your ideas for improving that class period.

11. Make effective use of mid-term evaluations.

12. Write your own steps for success.


As you engage in the workshop, decide what specific, concrete steps you should take in the classroom. Draft the steps you want to take, share them with others and hear the steps they have written.

What Participants Say

“If you can attend only one workshop on teaching, make it this one.”

“Great workshop to get hard facts from Tara, critically think about your own teaching, and hear feedback from peers.”

“Tara covered the gamut of pedagogical methods in just two hours and the time flew by.”

Workshop Format

This workshop is two hours long.

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